Engineered Timber Processes

More than half of Australia's residents live in capital cities, and with the ABS predicting this percentage to rise to 72% by 2053, we'll need to increase the density and liveability of our cities.
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Coast Timber Worker Retires After 44 Years

After 44 years with Hyne Timber, John McDonald, aka ‘Macca’ has signed off the last time!
Known to many on the Coast for 'Maccas Pens' at Cotton Tree Markets, his pen hobby will now take precedence as he retires at the age of 60.
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Di Brown Retires After 25 Years

After 25 years with Hyne Timber, Di Brown hangs up the high vis for the last time! Di was a valued member of the Drymill team, a strong mentor and friendly face who, at the 25 year milestone, was set on retirement.
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Students Experience Kokoda Trail

Hyne Timber has once again presented a $10,000 cheque to the Rotary Club of Tumbarumba to assist in funding 14 Tumbarumba High School students participating in this year's trek of the Kokoda Trail.
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Structural Beams for a Contemporary Church

For centuries, buildings for peaceful reflection and community gathering have valued the use of timber for its soft, natural and acoustic qualities. People enjoy and marvel at timber's interior and exterior aesthetics, so why not make the structural elements part of the aesthetics too.
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New CNC Machine

Exciting news for the design and construction industry: 
At Hyne Timber we officially commissioned our new, state of the art CNC machine called a Hundegger K2i which will make the supply of engineered timber quicker and more cost efficient from our Glulam plant in Maryborough.
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Fire Safety Compliance

Fact: Did you know that Mass Timber Construction using fire protected timber combined with sprinkler systems can exceed steel and concrete construction methods in fire safety compliance?
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Dale Green – Hangs Up His Boots

37 years ago, on the 10th October 1979, Dale Green commenced his career with Hyne Timber. Dale’s work at Glulam has provided him with opportunities to be involved in some interesting projects such as the timber bridge innovation and the Dorrigo Medical Centre curved beams which he describes as “fascinating”. 
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Mid-Rise Switch from Steel to Timber

The rise of timber in Australia, both metaphorically and literally, continues to gain momentum as the building industry acknowledges the environmental, quality, handling and cost benefits in mid-rise residential and commercial construction.
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Centre for Future Timber Structures

The official opening of the Centre for Future Timber Structures at the University of Queensland (GHD Auditorium) is celebrated by Government, Hyne Timber, engineers, researchers and students alike as momentum continues to grow for innovative use of timber in construction within Australia. 
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Taking Timber to New Heights

As momentum grows for the innovative use of timber in construction within Australia, Hyne Timber continues its commitment to social, economic and environmental sustainability through its partnership with the University of Queensland, and the newly funded ARC Research Hub for Advanced Solutions to Transform Tall Timber Buildings, to further develop skills, knowledge, and resources for tall timber construction.
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Cowra Bridge

With several thousand bridges within Australia in urgent need of replacement or refurbishment as recognised by the Federal Government’s Bridges Renewal Programme, a team of timber construction experts have successfully prefabricated and installed an engineered timber bridge near Maryborough.
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University of Queensland

The Advanced Engineering Building (GHD Auditorium) enhances UQ's ability to deliver practical active-learning styles for engineering students, and maximise global research opportunities enabling UQ to respond to major shifts in the challenges facing the world.
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NCC Termite Compliance

There are two options for resisting termite action as per AS1720, AS1684 and AS3660: resistant materials as 'primary building elements', and, barrier systems. T2 Blue and T2 Red treated timber framing is a termite resistant material and may be used solely or in conjunction with other termite resistant materials to satisfy the NCC Part 3.1.3 performance requirements.
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T2 Blue vs T2 Red Framing

Both T2 Blue and T2 Red treated timber framing come with a 25 year guarantee against structural damage as a result of termite attack. However, T2 Blue framing is designed for protection against termites found in areas south of the Tropic of Capricorn, while T2 Red is designed for protection against termite species found north of the Tropic of Capricorn. The Tropic of Capricorn is the circle marking the latitude 23.5 degrees south, where the sun is directly overhead at noon on December 21, the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere.
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Maryborough Businesses Partner to Support Hay Run

Hyne Timber and Richers Transport have partnered to support the latest hay run, delivering hay to drought affected Queensland farmers.
An iconic Maryborough based Richers B-double truck is one of hundreds of trucks making up what is possibly the world’s longest convoy.

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Sealy Lookout

The brief from Forests NSW was to design a platform that gives improved views to the north and south, and that showcases the use of Australian hardwoods. Hyne Timber was asked to advise a species suitable for durability and for acceptance in a bush fire prone area, as well as handling live loads of 4kPa and 4.5kN. Hyne Timber also worked closely with the engineer, John Tozer, to advise on the type of connections that would allow the beams to be considered continuous, thus reducing the size of the beams required.
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West Indian Drywood Termite

The worlds most destructive drywood termite is being closely monitored after attacking homes in coastal Queensland. The West Indian Drywood Termite (Cryptotermes primus) has been declared a Notifiable Disease under the Diseases in Timber Act 1975 and any damage suspected of being caused by this species must be reported to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. According to the Department, 10 - 20 homes are fumigated in Queensland each year in an effort to control the West Indian Drywood Termite's presence.
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Working With Weather Exposed Timber

Whether you are the designer, builder, or owner of an above ground, outdoor, weather exposed structure, following these simple do’s and don’ts will lead to the durability and successful performance of your timber. Hyne Timber has a range of products suitable for external applications, such as Hyne Timber Beam 21, Beam 17, LGL and T3 Green. At the end of the day, it’s simple stuff: do right by our timber, and it will do right by you.
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Hairy Hyne Timber Employees Raise Almost $10,000

For the second year running, 39 Hyne Timber employees have put down their razors and picked up their fundraising efforts for Movember 2015.
Through various ‘mo-ning tea’s’ and donations, the Hyne Timber Mo Bro Challenge team have raised close to $10,000 with donations not closed off yet. 
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Mingara Fitness Centre

With health and well being its central philosophy, Mingara One Fitness Centre, located on the New South Wales Central Coast, wants its members to feel inspired by their impressive surrounds. Mingara Recreation Club, together with Sandy Strazds of Graphite Architects, had specific ideas about what the centre was to look like, but logistically, the scale of the building made things difficult when it came to implementing the design.
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Kingaroy Crematorium

The rambling, rural setting on the outskirts of Kingaroy, sits adjacent to the historic Taabinga Cemetery. On approach, down the poplar lined avenue, the building subtly folds out of fields of yellow and green, floating amidst an ‘oasis like’ pocket of eucalyptus. Using Hyne Timber ensured a economical and practical design creating the flexibility for the building to be used for multiple internal and external combinations.
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Brisbane City Pool Projects

The '3 New Pools' project in Brisbane marked the delivery of the first new public pools to be built in Brisbane in over 18 years. Fulfilling an election promise made by the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, 3 new Brisbane City Council (BCC) Aquatic Centres were built in the Brisbane suburbs of Runcorn, Upper Mt Gravatt, and Colmslie. The extended period of low rainfall and severe water restrictions which were in place during both the design and the construction phases of these projects added an additional layer of complexity for the BCC led design team to overcome.
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No ‘Run of the Mill’ at Hyne Timber

For a company now boasting a string of training awards, the celebration marked the completion of either a Certificate III or IV in Competitive Systems and Practices.
Over 130 people attended the event including the Fraser Coast Deputy Mayor, Robert Garland and the Director of Training (North Coast Region) from the Queensland Government’s Department of Education and Training.
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University of the Sunshine Coast

The University of the Sunshine Coast Futures Engineering Building is now complete, utilising the increasingly popular, contemporary display of the use of timber with concrete. This project was constructed by Hutchinson Builders and demonstrates innovation fitting for the engineering learning hub for the engineers of our future. The facilities include cutting-edge learning and teaching spaces, including an interactive lecture theatre, 3D and virtual reality technologies that allow students to see and interact with complex data in ways that they can understand.
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Truss Business is Beaming

The promotion of timber and engineered timber as a primary construction material in Australia is made possible thanks to partnerships like the one between Hyne Timber and business owner Bruce Wallace, owner of ‘The Truss Joint P/L’ and the ‘Wallace ETP P/L (Engineered Timber Products)’ in Bendigo, Victoria.
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HYNE TIMBER CONGRATULATE ARCHITECTS – National Architecture Awards 2014

Hyne Timber congratulates Richard Kirk Architect and Hassell, winners of three categories in this year’s National Architecture Awards for their University of Queensland GHD Auditorium, Advanced Engineering Building joint venture.

The three awards are for:

Public Architecture Awards – The Sir Zelman Cowan Award;
Interior Architecture – The Emil Sodersten Award; and
Sustainable Architecture – National Award.
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