Our Capability

We continue to drive innovation in preservative treatments, service and solutions.
We use the latest laser and acoustic innovations, scanning each log and utilising its unique qualities and characteristics in order to maximise grade recovery and log optimisation.
Framing Products
Our lightweight framing products are commonly seen on all good residential buildings sites and increasingly, on mid-rise residential/commercial projects as the benefits of timber are being increasingly realised.
Glue Laminated Timber (GLT)
Hyne Timber GLT has the advantage of using its own softwood feedstock supply; being graded and kiln-dried to custom specification, before being finger-jointed into full-length laminates. These are coated with adhesive and set with a high-pressure press, intensifying their natural strength and creating a lasting connection. GLT is ideal for residential, commercial, civil (including bridges) and large scale industrial applications.
BIM Content
Our GLT BIM content is available for download to bring further ease and efficiency to your project design. Hyne Timber is the only Australian supplier of GLT to offer this service.
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Technical Support

Our technical support team can make all the difference, offering practical design advice and peace-of-mind at any stage.

  • Conceptual design assistance
  • Technical timber advice
  • Building design and development assistance
  • Estimates, budgeting and tender pricing
  • Design engineering for connections
  • Shop detailing and 3D models
  • Prefabrication services
  • Installation advice