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Product Guarantee Documentation

A guarantee is a voluntary assurance or promise. It is not mandatory to provide a product warranty, but once given, guarantees are enforceable under the Australian Consumer Law. Hyne Timber offers a Product guarantee for Hyne Timber manufactured T2 Blue, T2 Red, T3 Green Plus and Glue Laminated Timber (GLT) products as detailed below.
T2 Blue
Download the T2 Blue Guarantee document here:
T2 Red
Download the T2 Red Guarantee document here:
T3 Green
Download the T3 Green Guarantee document here:
T3 Green Plus
Download the T3 Green Plus Guarantee document here:
Products covered by this document include:
  1. LGL
  2. Beam 17
  3. Beam 18
  4. Beam 21
Download the Glue Laminated Timber Product Warranty Statement here: