Reseal & Coating

Hyne Timber framing products protect your home from the inside out. Our treatments penetrate the timber fibres, providing long-term protection against termite attack. However, a number of practical building situations can arise, during construction, which may affect the treatment hence you will need to reseal and/or coat the timber products.
Resealing Requirements
T2 Blue and T2 Red can be cut, notched, drilled or planed without any resealing requirements. However, heavily planed surfaces should be resealed with a suitable brush-on or spray-on preservative treatment such as Protim® Solignum® XJ Clear or Tanalised® Enseal Clear or Ecoseal.

T3 Green Plus can be cut, notched, drilled or planed, but it must be resealed (brushed or sprayed) with a suitable fungal resistant treatment preservative, to ensure the new surfaces aren’t at risk. It can also be glued with any standard two-pack adhesive.
Coating Requirements

As with all timber products used outdoors, T3 Green Plus needs to be protected with a suitable paint or stain coating.

Please refer to Hyne Timber Technical Data Sheet #6 - Using timber in above ground weather exposed applications for more information about specific conditions.

Or Hyne Timber Technical Data Sheet #8 - Coating Timber for Outdoors Above Ground.