Timber Species

Your taste is unique. So are our hardwood and softwood beams. Strength and agility, beauty and longevity - each species brings its own remarkable qualities to your project.

Our Beam 17 and LGL Glue Laminated Timber (GLT) products are made from 100% sustainable Responsible Wood and PEFC certified Australian plantation pine resources. We produce from three different pine species: Slash Pine, Caribbean Pine and Radiata Pine. Originally from other parts of the world, all three species are primarily grown in Queensland and New South Wales.

Strong and agile - LGL is most at home as an outdoor joist or rafter, while Beam 17 can provide the extra strength needed for high load beams and bearers.

Victorian Ash

Our Beam 18 is manufactured from Victorian Ash hardwood. It grows in the alpine areas of Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales, while availability is limited in other parts of Australia.

Victorian Ash has a coarse texture, a straight grain and many have visible gum veins and produce fiddleback markings. Famous for its natural beauty and warmth, Beam 18 brings intimacy into internal settings. 

Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum is one of Australia’s premium native hardwoods and grows along the east coast of Australia. It is moderately coarse with an uneven texture and wavy grain, resulting in an attractive fiddleback figure.

Our Beam 21 uses Spotted Gum for Select Grade A, exhibiting a deep and rich appearance that can truly define an internal or external space.

Mixed Hardwoods

Our Beam 21 uses Spotted Gum and a percentage of mixed Australian hardwoods for Structural Grade Appearance C beams. With superior strength, an exotic grain structure and vibrant colours, our hardwoods offer a bold design statement.

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