Framing Product Guarantees

Building a new home is one of the most important financial commitments you and your family will ever make, protecting your investment against the threat of termite and borer infestation just makes sense. Luckily, we've got you covered with a 25 year guarantee.
Product Suitability

Hyne Timber T2 Blue is suitable for indoor, above ground applications South of the Tropic of Capricorn only.

Hyne Timber T2 Red has been specifically developed to provide protection against the mastotermes darwiniensis in internal, above ground applications in all areas of mainland Australia, including North of the Tropic of Capricorn.

For applications that require protection against both termite and fungal attack, Hyne Timber recommends the use of T3 Green Plus, which is suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor, above ground applications.

T2 Blue & T2 Red Guarantee

T2 Blue and T2 Red are a termite resistant material. They are intended for indoor, above ground applications, and are designed and manufactured to meet the service life expectations outlined by the National Construction Code (NCC). When used in conjunction with their respective Installation Requirements, T2 Blue and T2 Red will protect a building from termite action in accordance with the performance requirements of the NCC.

Hyne Timber offers a 25 year guarantee to the home owner or purchaser against termite damage to the extent that it has become structurally unfit for its intended use.

Whilst it's okay to use other timbers alongside T2 Blue or T2 Red, we cannot guarantee their performance. Ensure your frame is constructed from T2 Blue or T2 Red only.

Hyne Timber T2 Blue and T2 Red guarantee document may be passed on to future owners of the property as evidence of an approved termite barrier system.

T3 Green Plus Guarantee

Hyne Timber guarantees any Hyne Timber T3 Green Plus products used in Australia to be resistant against termite attack and fungal decay (rot) for the product guarantee period(s) as per the table below.

Any correctly treated and installed T3 Green Plus product which is eligible for this guarantee that has become structurally or functionally unserviceable due to termite attack, insect borers or fungal decay within the specified guarantee period(s) will be repaired or replaced subject to the terms of the guarantee.

The following table identifies the guarantee periods specific to application types. Hyne Timber's maximum liability under this guarantee is strictly limited to termite and fungal attack within the below time frames. 

T3 Green Plus Schedule
Treatment Level Specific Application Examples Guarantee Period
Product Replacement and Labour Costs Product Replacement Only
H3 Decking Decks, boardwalks, platforms, stair treads, seats, benches 7 Years 15 Years
H3 General Framing, Bearers, joists, fascia pergolas, cladding, hand rails,
veranda posts, fence pickets
10 Years 25 Years


T2 Blue


T2 Red


T3 Green Plus