GLT Beam Profiles

A little imagination can go a long way. Coupled with the latest advances in CAD and CAM, our state-of-the-art CNC machine can profile beams in virtually any size and shape.
End Detailing

Don't spare the detail. From drilling to slotting, scalloping to rebating, we can add intricate end detailing to GLT beams of almost any end section size.


Discover new creative possibilities. We can taper small-to-big and big-to-small end section profiles, or any combination along the length of the beam.

Beam Shaping

Unleash your artistic side. Our large-scale CNC capabilities make light work of straight, curved, scalloped, variable and complex profiles.


Add a new dimension to your design with elliptic, parabolic or tapering curves. Contact our Technical Support team to discuss curvature possibilities for hardwood and pine on 1300 304 963 or at

Curved Beams


Camber Information