Public Spaces

Chosen for its natural aesthetic and structural properties, our Glue Laminated Timber (GLT) is being used in extraordinary ways in public spaces. 

Whether you specify Australian Pine as the ideal alternative to steel for its structural and visual applications, or Australian Hardwoods for its superior strength, exotic grain structure and vibrant colours, Hyne Timber work hand-in-hand wih you through the design, engineering and construction journey to create nature connected built environments for communities.

Some of our projects include:

  • Armidale Airport (Beam 18)
  • Forest Sky Pier at Sealy Lookout (Beam 21)
  • Dorrigo's Cork Memorial Medical Centre (Beam 21)
  • Kingaroy Crematorium (Beam 17)
  • Mingara One Fitness Centre (Beam 21)
  • Stella Maris Church (Beam 17)
  • Belmond on Clyde (Beam 17)

Project Sheet: Dorrigo Medical Centre


Project Sheet: Forest Sky Pier


Project Sheet: Stella Maris Church