Personal Safety with Timber

For thousands of years, people have worked with timber. It's beautiful, natural and can be rewarding to build and create with. However, before you start on your new project, take the time to plan and ensure that you remain safe.
Safety Tips

Below are our top 10 safety tips for working with timber:

  1. Timber can be heavy, so use the right technique when lifting (spread your feet wide, bend at the knees and keep your back straight)
  2. When handling and working with timber, always wear suitable gloves and eye protection
  3. Ensure you know how to safely use the tools and equipment before you start your project
  4. Always cut away from your body unless absolutely necessary
  5. Do not alter any floors or walls without checking what they are made of, so you can select the correct tools
  6. Be very careful to locate all services (e.g. electrical, plumbing etc) prior to starting your project
  7. Ensure you have good lighting and ventilation
  8. Keep your tools in excellent condition. Power cables should not be frayed or damaged and blades should be sharp
  9. Recycled timber may contain hazards such as nails - carefully remove any metal before cutting
  10. After working with treated timber products, wash your hands thoroughly before smoking, eating or using the bathroom

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Safety Data Sheets