BIM Content for GLT

As engineered timber is increasingly specified for its structural, visual and environmental benefits, Hyne Timber is proud to be the first glue laminated timber (GLT) manufacturer in Australia to provide Building Information Modeling (BIM) content for Australian graded GLT in Autodesk Revit® and ArchiCAD.
Revit® software users can now access the Hyne Timber 'GLT Families' for designs incorporating Australian graded, independently certified GLT products for their timber projects while ensuring product specifications are accurate and reliable.

The GLT BIM library consists of Beam 17, Beam 18, Beam 21 and LGL, available in beam and column families. It contains all product details from dimensions, mass and volume, down to the colour and texture of GLT which can be brought into 3D model.

GLT BIM content also provides reassurance to the end user that materials are compliant, certified and sustainably sourced from within Australia.

Beam 18
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Our entire GLT BIM library is available for Revit® 2019
For Revit® 2018
For Revit® 2017
For Revit® 2016
.IFC Files
Design teams will be able to create accurate 3D models to produce timber frame models that can be exported into the original model using an .IFC file.

Click below to download our GLT content in IFC.
Beam 17 Reproduction Colmslie Pool (view project)
* A stain colour has been applied to the raw GLT texture

Beam 17 in Revit
Beam 17 3D Render
Beam 18 Reproduction Ipswich University Library

Beam 18 in Revit
Beam 18 3D Render
Beam 21 Reproduction Mingara One Fitness Centre
* A stain colour has been applied to the raw GLT texture

Beam 21 in Revit
Beam 21 3D Render
Beam 21 Curved Reproduction Dorrigo Cork's Memorial Medical Centre (view project)

Beam 21 Curved in Revit
Beam 21 Curved 3D Render
LGL Reproduction Coomera House Project

LGL in Revit
LGL 3D Render
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Read our step-by-step guide on how to import our GLT content into Revit® and apply our material textures to your projects.
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