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Resisting fungal attack

Whether you are the designer, builder or owner of an above ground, outdoor, weather exposed structure, following these simple do’s and don’ts will lead to the durability and successful performance of your timber.
The Do's
  • Prime and paint your timber
  • Face timber with sheeting in sun exposure
  • Finish timber with top or end caps
  • Use arrised or rounded edges on beams to reduce coating failure on sharp edges
  • Use drip edges to provide free moisture flow away from the beam
  • Shield the beam from moisture and direct sun
  • Use metal, fibro or plastic shields on exposed faces and ends of beams
  • Install and protect Joists and Bearers on weather exposed decks
  • Use damp proof membranes where beam may come into contact with moisture
  • Ventilate beams adequately
The Don'ts
  • Use beams that are non-durable or not designed for use in wet areas
  • Use beams that are non-laminated, nail-laminated, screw-laminated, or bolt-laminated
  • Use beams that are untreated or H2 treated (use H3 treated or better)
  • Use beams that are unpainted or unprotected
Suitable Products

Hyne Timber has a range of products suitable for external applications, such as Hyne Timber Beam 21, Beam 17, LGL and T3 Green. At the end of the day, it’s simple stuff: do right by our timber, and it will do right by you.

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