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Dorrigo Medical Centre

Project Team
Mark Moxon and Co
Regional Architects

Beam 21
3 curved beams
Each 36.6m in length

Dorrigo's Cork Memorial Medical Centre is an elegant example of the possible synergy between environmental sustainability and the architectural beauty of timber design. The project was built as a legacy of the late Cyril Cork, who funded the project with the intention of creating an ethical development with far reaching community benefits.

Produced within four weeks at Hyne Timber’s Glulam Plant in Maryborough, the three curved beams, each measuring 36.6 metres in length, were easily transported as two equal parts and were prefabricated with their engineered connections supplied and in some instances, already attached. They simply required lifting into place onsite and the structure was in place.

The environmentally friendly components of this remarkable building extend from the use of timber and other natural materials in the design and construction, to its power, heating, and sewage systems. The building's power source is environmentally sustainable via a Bellingen Solar battery/grid fee hybrid Photo Voltaic (PV) solar system. Its unique design assists the heating system through the immense thermal mass stores created by the use of timber in the construction of the building, which helps regulate the interior's temperature, reducing the energy needed to power artificial heating and cooling.

Dorrigo Medical Centre Construction

Dorrigo Medical Centre Construction

Make a Design Statement

With unique strength properties and a rich textured appearance courtesy of premium native hardwood, Beam 21 makes a bold design statement that can truly define an internal or external space.

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